Labor for the sake of Labor does not make a day

Posted on September 7, 2009


The feeling is what is most important.


On the U.S. Department of Labor website it says Labor day is dedicated to American workers, “a tribute to the contributions  workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.”

Let’s give us all a pat on the back and remember that doing  a job for $ alone is not a job worth doing – because if your heart is not in it — It is NOT WHERE YOU SHOULD BE. Right. It’s pretty simple.
Not that easy it can seem but in the end it is a better road. It is the road you always take sooner or later. Why not now? You never want to say, “it’s just my job.” Cause then you are quite dangerously close to being checked out, not there, robotsville.
If you can’t move on from something like this right away at least pursue your dreams along the way. At least a little bit.

Don’t get me wrong nothing is more exciting than working. Working, or shall we say creating, what you love. For then the good feeling is attached to what you are putting out to the universe. You can at least have a good feeling (do the best you can) while at a job you don’t like . . . for a while anyway.

Take the day off and smile. Open up a window. You are in the hands of the Universe.

———Somewhat random videos for the day:

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John Lennon and George Harrison in 1971 recording Oh My Love

Bob Dylan interview:

Trust Yourself: From Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan and Tom Petty/Trust Yourself


Sometimes real feelings are the guideposts that pop up first when a change is at hand. There is a point, I think, once you are in the flow of creation, and not obstructing it with your own thoughts, that you move beyond feeling (at least the random, crazy, destructive kind of feelings) and move into a different state of being.

First things first.