What it Means To Be an American

Posted on July 4, 2009


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© Istockphoto.com

When I think about the true path of America, I think of the path of freedom. A path that starts with acceptance. Acceptance of others and their viewpoints. There are many people in my family who have been in the military — who have dedicated their lives, risked their lives, all to make sure that you and I have freedom. Since Big Business has gotten its ugly foot inside the military and since Big Business has decided that war is profitable —  I think the original values, the basic values of Life, Liberty, and Happiness have been stifled. Who are these people that front Big Business, or the faceless face of Big Business, or the faceless face of Big Anything?

What America stands for is what you stand for, what I stand for. if you don’t know what your country stands for (given it’s a huge qty of info.) then I guess in a bigger since you don’t know what you stand for.  Better look into it. We can each look into something that interests us and work from there.  Our government has gotten so straggled out (made up word of the day) and HUGE that I think we all recognize it will take some time to straighten things out. Many years of running wild has led us to this.

When I think about my grandfather, Leonard Sweet, and what he went through flying supplies into Berlin in WW2 — I am just in awe. This is what American should stand for — helping people find their own freedom. Not our form of freedom... their form of freedom.

And while we’re at it, lets start here in America. There are plenty of things going haywire here.
I really hand it to the Obama administration working towards this amidst everything going on.

What is this energy that attempts to take peoples’ freedoms away? How does a person get to this point where they think that what they THINK is better for a whole other group of people than what these people have voted for. Take Iran’s election as an example. Take our election as an example. Wow talk about delusion. And we are waking up to it.

We are now in a time where this kind of behavior is recognized and not accepted.

All eyes on our Government. They work for us.

We can send them good energy, put them in our prayers hold the intention that we will move through this portal/doorway if you will, and come out on the other side a whole lot more, a whole lot better, a whole lot REAL-er. Whatever does not belong there: selfishness, megalomania, greed, envy, hatred — let’s get it out of there. Lets really wake up and drive this thing. The EGOs if you will have had there day in the sun, its OVER. The Universal Processes are everything, they are not outside of it, nothing is. This is the time that this happens.


If you work for a big company that makes you do things outside of who you are, find a way to leave that job. Don’t be a robot. Don’t become another freakle on the Faceless Face of Big Business. You are better than that. Cause trust me the real faceless face is not a real person. They don’t have humanity, they don’t feel. They are made up of rules and regulations, of policies and prototypes of surveys and greedy undertones. Your allegiance should be to the real values of justice, honesty, compassion. Don’t throw your life away on some Big Business nightmare. Align yourself with businesses that care, that are still human.


*Thanks to every single veteran

that has dedicated their energy to justice, freedom, and happiness. Who doesn’t seek to dominate others, but to help others, facilitate others in helping themselves. You are Great. You are beautiful. Thank you.


Here’s something you can do:


… a song to help it along: http://www.terihitt.com/GraceGravity.html