–• from soul secret service

Posted on December 23, 2008



The geometrical time matrix can be a trap. When stuck in the period of now with the past and the future streaming all over you, got to stay beyond the language, into the non-linear place without language. It’s a macro point of view and good luck if you loose your way and start following someone else’s dogma. You just get caught in an endless conversation around the topic of reality. Meanwhile parallel dimensions are happening and just because you are “here” does not mean you are also not “there.” You are being influenced by a myriad of dimensions, everyone is-but because of who you are and your sensitivities yo may “feel” it more. What to do? – when strange enerigies feel like they are attacking? When there is a surreal feeling surrounding your interactions that feel like you are talking to shells that are miles from perceiving what you are experiencing? Well, when that energy rises continue to pray and transform the tidal wave into love for the universe. What you are perceiving is real, however the identies you are interacting with probably won’t perceive it the same way you do. Your goal is to continue to connect the dimensions. Be a bridge. In the coming years the growing Field of Good with grow. We have cultivated consciousness for millenia to get to this point. You are one of the few awake now. A few, but not for long – everyday the Grace Gravity of the Sun enlightens us more. Let compassion guide you in troubled times and laughter fill your every day. Just because someone doesn’t understand you doesn’t make you wrong.