And you thought it was a trick to get a gig in L.A.

Posted on December 5, 2008


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In London there is an 8 page form you have to fill out 14 days in advance just to play music.

It applies in 21 London boroughs, but professionals in the music business fear that if it becomes accepted, it will be copied in other cities. Martin Rawlings, director of the Pub and Beer Association, said: “I know of licensees faced with this saying they are just not going to put live music on. Form 696 is being used only in London so far, but there are similar things going on around the country, where the police are asking publicans to sign various protocols. It has gone too far, frankly.” FROM —



MUSIC is the uniting factor that changes it all. Why else would they try to stop people from listening? Emotion is good people alright, feeling is good –there’s something in the sonics. If you are buying into the crap that we have to stop everything in the name in” security”, I hope that you will rethink that. There’s a whole lot more to the story. This situation in London is just another example.

To those of you that would stifle creativity, hope, love, and the existence of peace for your own ignorant desires, I have to inform you IT’S OVER. You are hereby requested to LEAVE, transform, turn into flowers or something, anything but remain asleep. You can’t help it. You will.

There’s so much going on just remember that you are in an acceleration so cool out.

If you start to freak out collect that energy and send some positive waves to someone, anyone with love. That will get you through it.

——————————————Some Information on Form 696

The Metropolitan Police are set to racially profile gig goers by asking promoters to fill out a form on what acts are playing and what ethnicities are likely to turn up. —from

Eight page form will detail names, aliases, private addresses, phone numbers of all musicians and ethnic background of the likely audience. The form demands that licensees give police a mass of detail, including the names, aliases, private addresses and phone numbers of all musicians and other performers appearing at their venue, and the ethnic background of the likely audience. Failure to comply could mean the loss of a licence or even a fine and imprisonment. —from The Independent/London

The form is used for the risk assessment of gigs and requires names, addresses and phone numbers of all performers 14 days in advance, and compels licence owners to give profiles of those people turning up at live music events. from—

If you are a British citizen sign a petition here by December 1, 2008.


We’ve got to get above the names and the divisions. It is in our isolation that we have forgotten. Together we remember and go forward united.


More information choose TALK RADIO, ck out Alex Jones’ Program

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