Thank You, Veterans

Posted on November 11, 2008



Here’s to all the veterans that may have gotten stuck in something that wasn’t their concern.
That love their country but not the war.
Here’s to all you out there who want to come home and feel trapped.
You are the real warriors, warriors for truth. May your knowing carry you and bring you home. We love you, we thank you, even though we don’t agree with what is happening, as probably you don’t. We support you. You didn’t get YOU over there, you didn’t make the decisions that led to us (the U.S.) going over to IRAQ or Afghanistan or wherever you are. Killing in the name of honor, or god, or oil, or a corporation. You joined the military yes for your own reasons, but not for that.
We just want to say Thank YOU. Thank You.
Thanks to all of you — for putting yourselves on the line.
Come home soon.
Come home soon.
Come home soon.

And Thank you to all the vets from all the other wars. I wish I could fill your heart with love and take away the horrors you must have seen. I wish that you find peace within yourself now and find a way to free yourself from the bad memories. If my thanks can be worth anything, I hope they mean something to you. There are many people who are grateful to you that you may never hear from. We hope that we can have less war and more peace for everyone.

*I hope that everyone can call up and say hi to a veteran tomorrow. Spread a little love around.


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