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Posted on November 5, 2008



Check out the remake of Stephen Still’s song, For What It’s Worth, called Everybody Look and a few other songs on Grace Gravity’s webpage.

-About Grace Gravity

The band name, Grace Gravity, came out of an interview Brian David Hardin did with a man called Father Charles Moore, as part of the film he is creating called “Birth of The Now.” Father Charlie said, “We are receiving more and more light coming from the sun, we are becoming enlightened. We are receiving the “grace gravity” of the sun.”

These two words don’t usually go together: grace and gravity. They truly relay the inner meaning of how the music and the words work together. Something new is created out of the contrast. It reflects the balance we can keep in mind as to not get too heavy with the weight of things going on in our lives. There is always grace. We are evolving beyond opposites. —Teri Hitt
We can do it.

Much love and peace,
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