The Power of Our Intention

Posted on October 26, 2008




Every thought that you go into agreement with sets an intention.

There is alot of thought “junk” out there in the field and so constant vigilance is the price of freedom from random bad thoughts.

The mind tends to want to go into agreement with any thought it “picks up.” There seems to be a magnetic affiliation there that wants to be fed into. Staying present in yourself and centered stops rogue thoughts from entering and taking subconscious root.

We can focus on what we want to see, and in fact see it as BEING TRUE. This changes the whole dynamic of how we are in the world and so changes the world. Stay positive. In a world where we REALLY know nothing about the BIG picture beyond faith and intuition, we might as well choose the positive.

The more of us that do this, the bigger our collective field is. Give the universe and yourself a hug.
If anyone out there has other methods they use to stay present and deflect random negativity please share on this blog.

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