Solar and Wind Projects Are Happening

Posted on October 13, 2008


Just an FYI — not all the news is bad. We are slowly making headway in embracing alternative forms of power. No I’m NOT talking about “clean” coal and  “clean” nuclear energy, but the REAL clean power, Wind and Solar.



–Here’s a few articles on some POSITIVE things happening on the energy front that were in the news last week.

Indian Reservation builds Wind Farm

Native American tribes like the Rosebud Sioux now seek to claim that inheritance. If they succeed in building turbine farms to harness some of the country’s strongest and most reliable winds, tribal officials like Ken Haukaas believe, they could create a new economic underpinning for the 29,000 tribal members whose per capita annual income is about $7,700, less than a third the national average.

Mr. Haukaas believes that “the same thing that brought the buffalo brings the wind. The buffalo were a gift,” he continued. “The wind is a gift.”

Two Large Solar Plants Planned in California

Companies will build two solar power plants in California that together will put out more than 12 times as much electricity as the largest such plant today, the latest indication that solar energy is starting to achieve significant scale.

New Jersey to become leader in Wind Farms

German Expert Predicts US Solar Energy Boom,2144,3490071,00.html

Berkeley Approves City-Backed Loans for Solar Panels

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