When was the last time you checked your Constitution?

Posted on October 11, 2008


Please watch this video from Naomi Wolf on what’s been happening in our government most recently since October 1, 2008. I’ve also included a few other resources here.

This election is critical to our Constitution. We need to elect a president who will act with energy and conviction to restore our lost liberties. A President who will hold accountable those who have broken the law – no matter who they are. Let the candidates running for office know that when you step into the ballot box this November, the Constitution will be the first thing on your mind. —

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“You and I are meant to lead. You and I must protest. You and I must confront our representatives. You and I must run for office. You and I must take over the battle.” —Naomi Wolf

A film about the situation:


What any constitutional voter wants in the first 100 days:
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