Posted on September 29, 2008



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© Istockphoto.com



Dear People Supporting A Quick Bailout,

We are not children, a decision like 700 billion to potentailly trillions of dollars, is not to be rushed into. There are other ideas being offered on how to heal this problem. Let’s not put a bandaid on something that needs a deeper looking into. Let’s handle this right. Give it some time. We want to hear our options.


Printing up a bunch of money isn’t going to help the situation.

We are smart enough to figure this out together.

We will get to the bottom of this and there we will find the answer without putting additional stress on the middle and lower class. 

Dear Wall Street People:

Don’t freak, you are the ones that told us when we asked about the safety of our 401ks, that it’s a LONG TERM situation. That our investments are fine in time. So don’t get yourself all twisted up with this. We will figure it out and everything will balance itself out. It always does. Don’t go into the fear. Take your own advice and give it some time.

Oh yeah, and if you are one of those that haven’t been dealing fairly and your greed has taken you down an ugly road. Know that justice is coming.