+ Frequency set on PEACE

Posted on September 29, 2008


There’s alot going on and the best we can do is maintain our resonance, our own peace of mind. We need the information on what’s going on in order to be aware of the situation on that level. However our bigger existence does not depend on that “level” of being. It is only a part. What many of us are feeling is a stretching of our boundaries. We can make it through this by coming together with others and sharing our experiences.

(I know it may sound a bit “touchy feely” to some, but that is what is required of us, or of you. That is if you want your bit of consciousness to “break on through to the other side”.) Come together as it’s been said.

This expands the frequency of peace. It is a state of being that we all share, that we create together. We can create thoughts and vibrations, if you will, and send these out. This is what we do. This is how it happens. Love, love yourself and your state of being, don’t try to get anywhere. Where you are is where you are, love it. You are blessed. You are here now, being.


Let’s Get The Department of Peace Set Up
H.R. 808, Department of Peace and Nonviolence Act

The United States was founded on hope, optimism, and a commitment to freedom. We can once again become a beacon of hope for the world. To do that, we must reject the current administration’s policies of fear, suspicion, and preemptive war. It is time to jettison our illusions and fears and to transform age-old challenges with new thinking. This is the idea behind my proposal to establish a Department of Peace. This is the idea to make nonviolence an organizing principle at home and abroad and dedicate ourselves to peaceful coexistence, consensus building, disarmament, and respect for international treaties. Violence and war are not inevitable. Nonviolence and peace are inevitable.
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Write your congressional representatives and senators. Infuse this situation with energy. There are links on the right hand column ACTIVATE GOVERNMENT.


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Americans For Department of Peace