Dennis Kucinich: A Man With Some Good Ideas

Posted on September 27, 2008



photo: Susan Weingartner

“There are serious questions as to why we should be engaged in any bailout of companies that did the wrong thing.” —Dennis Kucinich

Letter from Dennis
While Wall Street and the Bush Administration try to blackmail Congress into a $700 billion bailout for corporations that have shown zero concern about the plight of the American people through the last decade, I have been working on a comprehensive alternative. Today, I am releasing a plan for economic recovery that will provide not only economic stimulus, but also fairness for everyday people on every “Main Street” in America. The plan is detailed below, and it will also be available on the campaign website
Of course, this is a plan that has not only economic implications, but also moral and spiritual implications as well. The social, economic, and political divisions in our nation must be healed. We can make a new beginning, seizing this moment of crisis and transforming it into a moment of rebirth for our nation. I hope you will take the time to read it, consider it, and share it with your friends. I welcome your comments and your support.
Dennis Kucinich’s Recovery Plan

Dennis’s plan is outlined on his site It is worth taking the 15 minutest to read it in full. It includes the following points:
1. Health Care for All
2. Prescription Drug Benefit for Seniors
3. Stop the Oil Companies’ Price Gouging
4. Protecting the American Homestead
5. Jobs for All
6. American Manufacturing Policy
7. Works Green Administration
8. Fair Trade
9. Education for All
10. Protecting Pensions
11. Social Security
12. Protect Bank Deposits
13. Protect Investors
14. Strength through Peace
15. Safety in America
16. Monetary Policy

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