CERN is turned on tomorrow, Sept. 10, 2008

Posted on September 10, 2008



NOTE: this photo has nothing to do with CERN –thankfully. Just something cute to cut down on the freakiness of it all.

9am CEST (GMT+2)

Midnight Sept. 9 PST (GMT-7)

Just in case you didn’t hear we are going to be subject to all sorts of energies such as “strangletts” and even tiny black holes when CERN, the large Hadron Accelerator in the Alps (French and Swiss border) gets turned on tomorrow, September 10. It’s actually tonight at midnight if you are in the U.S. Pacific Standard timee. It’s basically an effort to recreate the Big Bang in a search for something called the Higgs Boson. All in the name of research. Again it appears we have lost all common sense. Let’s hope any tiny black holes that may spring up are on a definitive diet, recently sworn off eating any matter.

Just when you thought we had enough going on here. GEEZ!

How it Works—From Randomness from the third rock : This is a mysterious field that some say imparts material properties to energy. (We are all made of atoms, small pieces of vibrating energy that are bound to each other. The Higgs Boson is supposed to be the thing that turns that intangible energy into stuff.)

Some links that have more information:

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We’re going through the rabbit hole, that’s all.

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