The wonders of Cal-EARTH

Posted on August 3, 2008


An Alternative Way To Build

Part One

the big house at Cal-Earth

the big house at Cal-Earth

About an hour and a half outside Los Angeles in Hespiria, California is Cal-Earth. You will be amazed at these Super Adobe type structures built mostly of Earth. They are open to the public the first Saturday of every month.

What Cal-Earth is doing is amazing. Founded by Nader Khalili, an architect, lover of Rumi Poetry and someone who worked hard to get the word out about inexpensive shelters, he called Eco-Domes.

Bask in the simple beauty of Nature and the natural poetry of Nader Khalili.

With the ever more increasing costs of fuel and heavy loss of trees already, it is necessary to learn alternative ways of living with the Earth. Creating a home from the Earth with a few other materials saves our resources and makes alot of sense. They offer training and apprenticeship courses.

CalEarth Village 2

Cal-Earth Eco Dome


Inside Single Dome

Inside Single Dome


Eco Dome © Nader Khalili, architect


You get a feeling of peace and well being moving from room to room.

It was a very interesting dichotomy because you end up driving through a new mini subdivision of houses (one street) to get to the dirt road and parking for Cal-Earth. Our guides today were truly kind and knowledgeable people. There was a pot-luck lunch (bring something if you like).

YOU TUBE: Sustainable Village in Nepal:

Stock Plans have been approved in Hesperia City and San Bernardino County.

You Can Contact the Geltaftan Foundation/Cal-Earth: 
10376 Shangri La Avenue
Hesperia CA 92345.
Tel: (760) 244-0614 Fax: (760) 244-2201