What Happened July 25, 2008: Hearing on Executive Power and The Bush Administration

Posted on July 28, 2008


Hosted by: Rep. John Conyers chairman Judiciary Committee Chairman

Judiciary Committee July 25, 2008
Americans Fighting to Save The Constitution

Testimony was taken today from many people in order to get the Impeachment case referred to the Judiciary.
A blow by blow blog as to what is happening is here: http://www.afterdowningstreet.org/

I’ve made a few loose notes on some peoples comments.

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Frederick Schwarz
NY University, Senior Counsel Brennan Center for Justice
Checks and balances have slipped away. We are met with resistance even from the British because they don’t trust our motives. The real story and the consequences from what has been done needs to be told. He recommends we set up an independent bi-partisan committee to clarify what has been done right and wrong. We must confront our mistakes.
The US must not adopt the tactics of the enemy. Our inner strength is lessoned each time we do this. A sober investigation is needed and will bring our country together.

Elliot Adams
Veterans for Peace National President
We have a Republic if we can keep it.
VFP has members going back to WW2.
This is about maintaining the structure of our governement. All future presidents will start where this one leaves off. For congress to let this go unchecked is of itself a violation of law. Veterans are mad that our government has condoned war crimes.
They say there is not enough time or political will, that it will hurt one party or the other. When our fore-fathers signed the declaration of Independence, they were not worried about any of these things and did the right thing.
It is your time to stand up.

Elizabeth Hotzman

What is to be done now? Is the question.P

Prosecution is unrealistic as they will never prosecute themselves. The only remedy is the remedy of Impeachment cause no one can interfere with it. There is no Executive Privledge to interfere with it.

You can at least start the process. *She has a book: The Impeachment of George W. Bush
Bob Barr
Nuclear clock counts down to how close we are to nuclear Armageddon. Constitutional Clock is counting down. (He held up a copy of the Bill of Rights with many parts been blacked out and said this is the state of our Bill of Rights).
This committee has the authority to decide whether at some point in time: Constitutional Inquiry needs to be pushed.

Ross “Rocky” Anderson
High Roads for Human Rights President
Constitutional Offenses
This Impeachment is because of betrayal of trust, tyranical abuse of power, breech of official duties — these have all been established.
Fraud committed by the administration. When this congress and the people were told about the security risks, we were only told one part of the story. We were’nt told about the dissent by the Intelligence Agency and the Dept. of Energy. October National Intelligence Estimate said there was nothing to back up the aluminum tube part of the claim.

Steven Presser
NW University/Legal History Professor
Is the administration proceeding in good faith or what motives? He said he didn’t think that we should impeach. Note: “He Couldn’t keep his eyes open when speaking”

Bryce Fein
Former Assoc. Deputy Attorney General
Executive Power is given.
He doesn’t think this particular war will never end. The definition of end is when no one ever threatens American again.

comment from soul secret service: The President did not get the o.k. to begin spying on Americans cleared through Congress before doing it. (not that that would be much better but . . .) and to top it off FISA gives immunity to the Telecom companies and now even Barrack has reversed his position on it and is backing immunity.

The necessity of Impeachment: If you have a precedent that goes unrebuked it will lie around like a loaded weapon for the next one.
This president has claimed far more power than King George 3rd.

*Constitutional Peril is his new book.

Vincent Bugliosi

The Bush Admin. has taken this nation to war on a lie.
Jan 31, 2003 less than 2 months before the invasion of Iraq. Bush and Tony Blaire wiht 6 aids. After the meeting Manny (Blairs asst.) reported that George Bush was so worried that UN inspectors would not find anything he talked about other ways to provoke them into war. His idea was to fly planes over Iraq painted in UN colors and if they fired then we’d have reason to go to war. If GB believed that Hussane was a threat to this country, the the thought of provoking Hussane into a war would have not entered his mind.
All the killings in IRAQ are murder.

Before the cold war, everything up to the time of crisis a President did, was known. We have secrecy now and no checks and balances. The great lesson of James Madison is “Because we are not angels the government must be ablidged to control itself.” What is unique about the current administration is that they take the position, that like the British monarchs, the President has the right to break the law. If he believes the law gets in the way to our national security objectives he does this in secret.
Lies for future presidents to take advantage of.
This is unique. A dangerous doctrine that needs to be squashed and exposed and not accepted by anyone.

Elizabeth Hotzman
Thinks the president will continue to ignore sophenas but anyone who engages in torture can be persecuted for the rest of their life. The real remedy for a President that thinks he is above the law is impeachment. The american people want to see Congress act. Bush has been subverting the constitution.

Vincent Bugliosi
President Bush has temp. immunity while in office.
Once he leaves office he can be prosecuted for any crimes he commmitted while in office.
The criminal investigation can commence now.

Jan 20, 2009 Bush leaves office.

Mel Watt
D North Carolina
He said “If attorneys general are protecting me against terrorists, who is protecting me against THEM?”
This is the most important issue we could be exploring at this time.

Comment from soul secret service: He’s on record as saying he’s not going to lead a charge for impeachment but he will be an active participant if it gets going.

Impeachment is not easy. He doesn’t think we would have sufficient votes to accomplish an impeachment at this time. He was apart of the Clinton Impeachment. Has some experience in this.
The allegations are substantially more against Bush than those against Clinton.
*He thinks that it would be a distraction.
Each subsequent President picks up the standards that have been set previously.
We need to raise the standard back up to some element of reasonablness and perhaps go back to a different time and place. Prosecute the president later.
I’m not going to be leading the parade right now.
We need to raise the standard of the presidency.

Debra Wasserman Schultz

President can veto laws but not make policy.

If Congress passes the law it is the President’s duty to uphold it. The President cannot decide NOT to fulfill this responsibilty. Our remedy is impeachment.


*Find out about A Signing Statement that should be made public in 3 days.

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