The Chaco Canyon Mystery Documentary

March 20, 2014


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As many as 10,000 people lived in Chaco Canyon. How this place was built is still a mystery. Built at a bigger than human scale. One building had over 600 rooms. Find out more.

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Man Blocks Road to Yellowstone Bison Trap to Protect Buffalo

March 8, 2014


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Comfrey Jacobs, a volunteer with Buffalo Field Campaign, risked his own freedom to help prevent the killing of buffalo from the last continuously wild buffalo herd. He blocked the access road to Yellowstone’s Stephens Creek bison trap on Thursday morning.  For more than two hours, he stalled trailers from getting to the trap to load […]

Abraham Hicks: Expand Your Ability To Allow

March 4, 2014



Abraham Hicks shares her wisdom on how to go with the flow … even in these strange strange times. Link

Fukushima Radiation: What You Can Do

March 4, 2014



I know this is not the most fun thing to bring up, but it is necessary. Whether you live on the West Coast or NY, wherever you live. Please look into what is happening. TV news is not going to report it. Search for yourself and protect yourself and those you love as best you […]

Feb 21: Update on Transform Plowshares case

February 21, 2014



Background: Michael R. Walli (63), Megan Rice shcj (82), Greg Boertje-Obed, (57), succeeded in a disarmament action at the Oak Ridge Y-12 Nuclear facility before dawn on July 28, 2012. Calling themselves Transform Now Plowshares, they hammered on the cornerstone of the newly built Highly-Enriched Uranium Manufacturing Facility (HEUMF), splashed human blood and left four […]

John B. Wells starts his own Radio/Podcast Program

February 19, 2014



Luckily for us John B. Wells continues his fantastic interviews on his own station. Tune in at He interviews amazing people daily and brings you the information you need to know in these tricky times! If you can support this guy by subscribing, it is well worth it! Some of his video interviews are also available […]

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Follow Your Heart to Republic of Pie

February 2, 2014



Where can you go to feel good in Los Angeles? Where’s a place where you can hear good music and relax with a yummy piece of pie and espresso? The Answer? The Republic of Pie in North Hollywood! Pie • Coffee • Community Live Music Nightly Friendly and Professional  Staff Yummy Pie !!!!! Delicious […]

A Film Worth Funding: Cry of The Innocent

January 31, 2014


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This is a film speaks the voice of truth for those who cannot speak for themselves. It does not rely on gruesome images as a means to convey the message, but it does reveal the reality. They have only a few more days to raise funds with their Indie Go Go Campaign. This precedent-setting film will […]

Start with feeling good

January 23, 2014


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Start with the feeling and go from there. All comes from the feeling. Trust and let things happen as they do. We can’t depend on circumstances to bring us happiness and peace, we have to start with the feeling of feeling good and all springs from that. These are really tricky times for all of […]

Save The Culver City Ice Rink

January 15, 2014



The local Ice Rink is in jeopardy in Culver City. Residents have banded together to preserve it and prevent it from becoming an indoor rock climbing facility. Get involved if you can. This rink has been around over 50 years and is a community landmark, a community resource, a place for kids to go and […]

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Dolphins are so cool

December 31, 2013


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ALT video link: Nature is so amazing. I hope we can soon become the caretakers of the planet we are meant to be.

Wisdom from The I Ching Weekly

December 27, 2013



Bobby Klein does an excellent interpretation of the I Ching every week. Do yourself a favor and check it out. None of us is alone in this strange and wonderful journey. Here’s a link to this weeks I Ching: Subscribe to receive his weekly emails that he sends out every Sunday morning.

Chemtrail Christmas

December 27, 2013



Not to be the bearer of bad news over the holidays, but the word really needs to get out about this! I photographed this spraying outside my window in Culver City, CA (near Los Angeles) on Christmas day 2013. I took a photo about every 10-15 minutes. You can see how they expand out.  They […]

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Music to help you through

December 27, 2013


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Grace Gravity’s new CD is a great tool to keep you in the right mood to throw off any bad vibes that come your way! “Sometimes I’ll be in a car with my friends and they’ll have mainstream radio on. I will ask for them to turn it down. They say, ‘why its just music […]

The Veterans Know … War Sucks

December 27, 2013


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This is a great interview by We Are Change with a veteran of WWII, Warenn (Renn) Bodeker. He speaks about his time in the military and the importance of the Constitution. Support We Are Change if you can. They do alot of great work! http:///

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Awake in The Dream: Interview with Alfred Webre

December 12, 2013


Screen shot 2013-12-11 at 5.03.13 PM

Link to Awake In The Dream Podcast 2013 in Review and Preparing for 2014 Laura Eisenhower and Dr. DREAM interview Alfred Lambremont Webre. Alfred Lambremont Webre’s 2000 book “Exopolitics: A Decade of Contact” founded the science of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multiverse. Using advanced quantum access technology, DARPA/CIA time traveled his 2005 book “Exopolitics: […]

Who You Really Are

December 4, 2013


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Abraham Hicks talks about who you really are and how we affect our reality. ALT Link:

Stanley Kubrick’s Daughter Interviewed on the state we’re in

December 2, 2013


Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 10.10.47 PM

Vivian Kubrick, daughter of the iconic filmmaker and director Stanley Kubrick, talks to Alex Jones about the nature of power and the human awakening that is taking place. This was at the JFK memorial last week in Dallas Texas.

Attitude of Gratitude

November 27, 2013



” . . . Gratitude, it turns out, makes you happier and healthier. If you invest in a way of seeing the world that is mean and frustrated, you’re going to get a world that is, well, more mean and frustrating. But if you can find any authentic reason to give thanks, anything that is going […]

This just in from The Buffalo Field Campaign

November 19, 2013


BFC_Buffalo The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee will be considering a bill this week (November 21, 2013) that will have a devastating impact on western public lands, native wildlife and especially wild buffalo. The public has a right to be involved in how our public lands are managed. The “Grazing Improvement Act,” S. 258, is […]


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